Free Classes and Join the Conversation

I try to include meditation related content when I'm blogging but there are so many great things happening with the Zen Happiness Project this month that I wanted to update you as soon as possible. 

My life is better today because I take positive actions. If you don't meditate yet, consider these two upcoming classes. They are very beginner friendly or a good place to brush up if you are out of a daily practice. 

A Beginner's Crash Course: 90 Minute Introduction to Zen Meditation
Wednesday, September 30th at 8pm EDT - Free
If you are new to Zen Practice and want to learn how to meditate this is a great format. I host the session by conference call so you can join from the privacy of your own home and can ask questions on the spot. I do an intro, guided meditation and close with suggestion on how to move forward. Sign up here

Mindful Stress Management with Sofia Reddy, LICSW 
Sunday, October 18th at 5pm EDT - Free
I'm so excited to host this free workshop with my instructor friend Sofia. She's a great teacher and put together an awesome 75 workshop that is perfect for beginner and intermediate mindfulness practioneers. Don't miss this if you are stressed out! We will be streaming live on YouTube. Details and Sign Up Here.

New ZHP Discussion Groups
Ongoing on Facebook - Free 

We have some awesome conversations going on in Facebook and this past week announced two new groups. Thousands of our community members benefit from the good dialogue and positive stuff happening here.

  • ZHP Open Discussion Group - Nearly 4,000 of us share articles, ask questions and support each other in this Open Discussion group. Anything meditation and wellness related happens here. 
  • Mindful Parenting, Mindful Families - A support group for nearly 2,000 practitioners who are trying to navigate family life in an intentional and positive way. 
  • Art as Spiritual Practice - This NEW group is already sharing some amazing art. My hope is we cultivate creativity with a focus on how art can enrich and deepen our spiritual life. An art practice is central to my Zen practice and is a unique way for "expressing the ineffable." 
  • 5th Precept Recovery Group - This NEW group anyone who is struggle with addiction or thriving in recovery of any kind. We explore the unique perspective that Buddha had as to why we are hardwired to cling and how we can learn to let go.

The discussion groups are where the vibrancy of our community comes out. The brand new groups need your voice to come to life. I hope they will be warm and nourishing places like the first two groups have been for me.

Most importantly, how are you doing? Drop me a note and say hello! I'd love to hear how your meditation is going. 

May your practice go well. 

Anthony Cernera, M.Ed.

P.S. If your new to meditation you don't want to miss this phone call instruction on Wednesday, September 20th. Sign up now!