Metta Meditation (Loving-Kindness) Workshop - Sunday, June 14th at 5pm EDT  

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Some people are easy to love. Some people are... more challenging. 

Fortunately for us, the Buddha taught a powerful form of meditation that can help shape the way we feel about even the most difficult people in our lives. 

Metta meditation, often translated as loving-kindness meditation, is a transformative meditation practice that helps us cultivate the capacity for love and compassion in our life. This 90 minute workshop is designed for beginners who want a complete guide to practicing loving-kindness. 

Program Outline:

  • What brings us to Metta meditation?
  • Introduction to Metta practice
  • Guided Metta meditation 
  • Recommended next steps and resources 

This workshop is free, streamed on YouTube and opened to the public. The session will be held on Sunday, June 14th at 5pm EDT and will be recorded. We encourage participation in the live event so you can ask questions and participate in the conversation. 

Workshop Instructors

Dusty Columbia is an associate professor of special education and has been a meditator for three years.  Dusty loves to make pottery, be outdoors and teach. She conducts research and writes about ways to make classrooms more inclusive and accessible for children with disabilities. Dusty says, "I share my life and home with several other people and animals: the man who walks beside me in life, our two daughters, the world's best Boston Terrier, and the world's okayest Golden Retriever."   

Anthony Cernera founded the Zen Happiness Project in 2013 and has been a student of a Zen Buddhist order since 2009. When he isn't meditating, skydiving or playing with his cameras, Anthony is a non-profit fundraiser. He received a Master's in Education in 2014 and continues his research as doctoral student focusing on habit formation and motivation for new meditators.  Anthony says, "I have benefited greatly from a daily meditation practice and want to share what I've learned with others." 

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