Request Free One-on-One Meditation Instruction

The Zen Happiness Project is a community and a 100% volunteer driven team effort. We offer free one-on-one meditation instruction by phone or video chat. Below the request form are the bios of the awesome instructors who are eager to volunteer their time to help you get started meditating. Wondering why it is free? You can read why here.  

Please select the general times that are best for you. First sessions typically last 1 hour.
What brought you here? Why do you want to meditate? Anything we should know in advance?

Anthony A. Cernera, M.Ed. 
Founder & Lead Instructor

Anthony Cernera founded the Zen Happiness Project in 2013. Anthony started meditating in 2007 and took formal vows as a student of a Zen Buddhist order in 2009. When he isn't meditating, skydiving or playing with his cameras, Anthony is a non-profit fundraiser. He received a Master's in Education in 2014 where he focused his research on habit formation for new meditators.  

Anthony says, "I have benefited greatly from a daily meditation practice and love sharing what I've learned with others."  


Sofia Reddy, LICSW
Meditation Instructor

Sofia Reddy is a full time clinical social worker and adjunct assistant professor for MSW students learning to work with Veterans and their families. As a therapist she teaches clients who have experienced both civilian and military traumas how to manage their recovery with mindful self-care. She also blogs about self-care as a way to manage stress and has an FB page called Sofia's Sanctuary. Sofia has been practicing mindfulness and meditation for the last 5 years and is passionate about bringing this practice to others.

Sofia says, "As caregivers we learn that we need to put others' needs ahead of our own but that is a quick path to burnout. There are times when we must be available to others, but it's also important we make time to care for ourselves." When she's not working or blogging, she enjoys exploring new hiking trails and going on day trips with her two rambunctious children and awesome hubby.

Dusty Columbia, Ed.D.
Meditation Instructor

Dusty Columbia is an associate professor of special education and has been a meditator for three years.  Dusty loves to make pottery, be outdoors and teach. She conducts research and writes about ways to make classrooms more inclusive and accessible for children with disabilities.

Dusty says, "I share my life and home with several other people and animals: the man who walks beside me in life, our two daughters, the world's best Boston Terrier, and the world's okayest Golden Retriever."