The Four Noble Truths As ACtion: A Workshop on The Buddha's PRESCRIPTION for Happiness

Have you ever wondered why the Dalai Lama is so happy?

Have you been meditating daily and find serenity isn't following you from the cushion into your work day? 

Do you find the ups and downs of day-to-day life to be wearing you down? 

This workshop is for you. 

The Buddha is often depicted as a doctor. He diagnoses our suffering, uncovers its causes and recommends a prescription of simple actions to cure what ails us. Buddhism isn't a belief system but actions to improve your life. 

Many of us want the scientifically proven benefits of meditation. We rush to the meditation cushion but we don't "read the label."  We like meditation but we don't like dogmas, religions, superstition or creeds. 

By probing the foundational teachings of the Buddha we find a man, not a god, who calls us to take healthy actions and see for ourselves how to be happy. 

During this workshop we'll learn what the Buddha taught and see how the original texts give us powerful tools for improving our lives. We'll see how the simple actions the Buddha suggested give us a framework for living a happier and healthier life. Together, we'll practice applying these ideas to our real world problems.  

This workshop is on Sunday, April 19 at 5pm EDT. Click here to sign up. 

This 2 hour workshop is conducted with a small group of 6 or less to insure you receive personal attention. This workshop is good for experienced meditators and beginners alike.  

Course Outline

  • Introductions
  • The Buddha's Story 
  • A Traditional Understanding of the 4 Noble Truths
  • 4 Noble Tasks: The Buddha's Prescription for Happiness
  • The 8 Fold Path: Living a Life Where Meditation Flourishes 
  • Suggested next steps and resources to continue learning  
  • Questions and Answers 

The session takes place by conference call and is free. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at This Workshop is on Sunday, April 19 at 5pm EDT. Click here to sign up. 

I look forward to working with you!

Anthony A. Cernera, M.Ed.